Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Grog - Regurgitape (demo 1999)

01 - Ode To The Carnivorous
02 - Fornicators Delirium
03 - Dead Art Collector
04 - Narcissistic Skinblade Reflection
05 - Terrified
06 - Realm Of The Soulless
07 - Cult Of Blood

Estilo: Brutal Death / Grind

Link: Grog - Regurgitape (demo 1999)

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The Necrogeek said...

Hey, thanks for all the great Grog rarities! Now all I'm missing from these goregods is the "95 Stabwounds in your throat" demo and "Madness Horror And Guts Live" tape (saw that one in a distro some time back, but foolishly didn't order it!).

By the way, track 6 "Realm of the Soulless" is not the Grog song, it's a rap song (sounds like Cypress Hill?). Regardless, it's great to hear these songs in demo form. Thanks!